10 Home Business Ideas Part 1

Home business ideas are virtually unlimited, and for most, you don’t need to put up a lot of capital. Here are the top 50 home business ideas. Be aware, however, that some states may require you to be licensed for a particular field.

Below are 10 businesses you can easily start at home today…


  1. Children’s daycare – Home daycare is always in need.
  2. Affiliate marketing – Companies will pay you to sell their products.
  3. Antiques reseller – Hunt for bargain antiques and start a shop.
  4. Baking and cake decorating – Have a knack for baking?
  5. Full catering – Do you like more than just baking?
  6. Bed & Breakfast – Have a spare room or home?
  7. Bookkeeping service – Accounting skills are always in demand.
  8. Fitness instructor or personal trainer – Train to exercise.
  9. Candle-making – Just need wax and wicks.
  10. Office cleaning – Offices always need cleaned.