30 Most Disgusting Donald Trump Tweet’s Of All Time

Donald Trump has been known to be a social media drama queen, but I must say some of these tweets will give you a new outlook on him.  Beware though, some of you reading these may take serious offense by the time you get to slide #1, but must of you will probably think this is HILARIOUS LOL.

When I first came across these Tweet’s I actually didn’t even believe they were real, but after extensive research found out they are.  I have to give Donald Trump prop’s because he is extremely witty!

WARNING: These Tweets May Offend You…Seriously


To be honest, I didn’t even think this one should be in here because it was too nice LOL.  Just wait until you read some of these, you will be in awe!


He started with a personal attack on being from Canada, and here we are at him getting involved with Celebrity relationships.


This one is great.  You have to give Trump credit, if you come at him, he will dig on you and dish it right back.


Naturally just putting down the President of the United States.


LOL – If you think these are hilarious, when you read some of these, you will not even think they are real.  And trust me, they are!


Just nonchalantly talking trash about Samuel L. Jackson’s acting career.


Have to give Trump credit, he does say it how it is.  #NoFilter


What would a National Crisis be without Trump’s two cents?


Him calling Obama the WORST EVER president, is child’s play compared to his TOP 5 Tweets on this list. You will NOT believe your eyes.


He is really picking on Jeb huh?


Narcissism at its best right here.  Never seems to amaze me.


Quick shot at Obama and his ridiculous spending habits.


This one was just recent after the Nevada primaries…Have to say, Trump is killing it on Social Media.


Haha…One Canada remark wasn’t enough from Trump.  He had to dig a little deeper with this one. Hilarious though.


Sorry Steve Harvey LOL. You think your mistake would stay under the radar with Trump?  Not happening…


This one is GREAT! Nothing compared to the the attacks he makes in the Top 5 posts (especially #1).


He’s even cold on days like September 11?  Do you consider than uncalled for?


You thought the Obama trash talk was done?  Nope, not even close!


Have to respect the fact he calls his followers out.  If you want to talk trash about Trump, you better be ready for the call out.


LOL – He could have been a little more politically correct here.

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