Simple Business You Can Start Today

Everyone wears clothes, and clothes wear and tear. Because of the never-ending demand, starting a business as a sewing service is an excellent idea if you’re a skilled seamstress. The general idea of running a sewing service is to tailor, mend, or make new clothes for clients. Building up a client base is fairly easy if you’re skilled at this craft, and the standard advertising methods like newspaper ads or business cards are enough to get people interested in your services. A key piece of advice that people should follow who want to start a sewing service is to stay organized.

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Many public places suffer from people leaving garbage all over the place, which creates a demand for people to pick it up. Starting a debris pickup service would involve gathering the garbage, bagging it, and leaving it in designated areas for pickup. This is a business idea that will not have much competition in most areas, so it can be easy to gain a virtual monopoly in an area just from a lack of competitors. A good place to advertise this service is in the classified ads, since people who need this service will be looking for people to do it.


If you have a truck, you could start a business based around hauling garbage for clients. Many areas do not have garbage pickup services available, and people are expected to haul their own garbage to landfills. This is inconvenient for many people, so there is plenty of demand. Advertising this service with business cards or fliers in public places like restaurants and other businesses is advised, since many regular, everyday people will have a chance to become a paying customer. If you use this business idea, remember to account in your expenses for gas, and wear and tear on your vehicle.


In an age of decorating shows and cleaning shows on most television channels, the demand for interior designers has never been greater. An interior designer plans for the layout and decoration of the home, office, or business. If you have a good understanding of interior design, it will be fairly easy to drum up clients with a little advertising in the right places. To do well with your advertising, you’ll need to target places where people frequent who might actually care about the layout of their home or business, like spas or country clubs.