“Little Known” Legislation Helping UK Millennials Write Off Debt

Anyone in their 20s or older knows that debt can be… Stressful. That’s not surprising: the UK is described as “drowning in debt”. Younger generations in particular are having it hard, especially thanks to the cost of education. But there is hope and it comes from an unlikely source… A little known regulation.

Did you know…

UK residents owe more debt as a percentage of their income than most countries in the world. Simply put, it means a British person’s rate of debt is twice their annual income1. For example: if you earn £30,000 per annum you could owe up to £60,000.

Live in the UK? Then you know it’s easy to get into debt.

Even a good education requires you to borrow thousands of pounds off the government.

Of course, getting qualified is important. But then comes rent, or mortgages. And bills. For those in their 20s and beyond, a shrinking job market can mean that the money we owe piles up quickly.

Most Millennials (and Boomers) think the government has deserted them. And they may be right. But sometimes, a ray of hope shines through…

Legislation may actually Help those in debt
Debt relief probably wasn’t the government’s intention. But what does it matter? Thanks to this largely little known legislation, Brits of all ages are finding it easier than ever to slash their debt – up to 75%! And that’s not a small number…

So, how do you slash your debt?

It’s actually pretty simple. But you must qualify – thankfully, finding out if you do is also quite easy.

It also doesn’t take long.

What exactly do I get from this?
Filling out the form only takes a few minutes. All you do is answer a few simple questions. If you qualify however, the benefits are huge:

Potentially write off up to 75% of your debt!

Freeze interest rates and charges. No more getting stuck in that hellish cycle of having to pay back more and more.

No more collection calls: Few of us enjoy dealing with debt collectors. FACT. You simply pay back your debts in a single monthly lump sum. It’s stress free and…
…you get out of debt faster!


SOURCE: https://www.moneyexpert.com/debt/uk-personal-debt-levels-continue-rise/