Static Stretching For Athletes


As an athlete, doing the proper warm up and cool down exercises is very important. If these exercises are neglected, serious injury could result, and for athletes, that is a result that many can’t bare. Static stretches are meant more for a cool down after an intense work out, rather than a warm up, but the reason static stretching and the cool down needs to be emphasized is because many athletes tend to neglect the cool down.


If athletes go without static stretches, the muscles won’t relax properly and range of movement will be reduced due to the contraction of the muscles. Along with that, a cool down will reduce the chance of fainting by gradually reducing blood flow and adrenaline. The heart rate will return to normal properly as well. A proper cool down should involve a 5 minute jog. This will slowly cool down the body temperature and remove toxins from the muscles that built up during the game or work out. After that, static stretching exercises should begin.


There are tons of static stretches to cool down all of the muscles and ligaments of the body. One of the most important ligaments is the hamstring. To cool down the hamstring, sit down with both legs straight out in front. Bend the left leg so that the bottom of your food is alongside the right knee. Bend forward and keep your back straight until you feel your right hamstring stretch out. It should take a few seconds. After that is accomplished, do the same for the other leg.


There are a lot cool down exercises, and if you are an athlete on a team that is properly coached, then cool down exercises should be a regular part of ending practice every day. The worst thing that can happen to an athlete is to neglect the cool down exercise and not allow the body or its muscles cool down properly. It can cause serious injury, an abnormal drop in blood pressure, and severe restlessness. Cool down exercises only take a few minutes, so being lazy about it will only get you bad results.


People love being athletic, and people love watching athletes perform to the best of their ability. The only way that can happen is for athletes to take care of themselves. After every work out, practice, and live game, make sure to always properly warm up and cool down. You don’t want to be that person on the bench because of injury.